[GLLUG] Thinkpad T410 Disk Drive/Hardware problem

Chris Bell chrisbell at chrisbell.org.uk
Wed Feb 3 13:51:10 UTC 2016

On Wednesday 03 Feb 2016 01:17:07 Leo Francisco wrote:
> Heya all,
> Got my Thinkpad in the end. It's super fast, not used to the SSD
> goodness. Been playing around making music with Ubuntu Studio. Loads of
> fun.
> I am having a problem with the disk drive however. The tray keeps
> popping out seemingly randomly and make a hell of a lot of noise. I was
> messing around taking it out and putting back in again and a couple of
> bits came off the case. A small metal L thing and a plastic switch that
> was visible on the bottom of the case.
> Anyone had anything like this happen before? It's easy to slip in a new
> disk drive or HD bay but I'm not sure what to do about the two bits that
> came off. I can't even see how they were attached as the case does not
> come apart in a way that reveals that part of the computer.
> I can link to a pic of the parts if anyone wants.
> Any pointers would be great
> Leo

I have a T410 with a 2.5 inch HDD which is fitted into a metal tray covering 
the underside of the drive, with fixing holes to match the side screw holes in 
the drive. The tray complete with drive is slotted into moulded rubber side 
buffers which fit the case. There is a small plastic trim cover held by one 
moulded end hook and a single screw at the opposite end which holds the drive 
in place. Drive mounting kits are advertised on ebay.

The DVD/CD drive is held in place by a locking catch below.

Does this help? 

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