[GLLUG] GRUB dual boot on removable drive

Henrik Morsing henrik at morsing.cc
Tue Sep 18 09:13:05 UTC 2018

On Mon, Sep 17, 2018 at 04:44:10PM +0100, John Winters via GLLUG wrote:
>On 17/09/2018 10:14, Henrik Morsing via GLLUG wrote:
>That way, if the Linux drive is in the machine, you boot Grub which 
>lets you choose which one you want, whilst if it is missing you boot 
>directly from the Windows drive.
>Just a thought.

Thanks, that's the kind of thing I was after, so can I just go in to Windows (sorry, Windows question!), and type fdisk /mbr to make it bootable directly and then reconfigure GRUB to only be on the second disk? That will then need to chain load the first disk for Windows.

And this is the first time in years I've had to use the DVD drive BTW, but I do find it scary when people say they've never used a CD or DVD...


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