[GLLUG] moving a fixed ip number

Martin A. Brooks martin at hinterlands.org
Tue Feb 4 11:34:11 UTC 2020

On 2020-02-04 11:09, Oliver Howe via GLLUG wrote:
> It is a leased line into my office. I want to move to a new provider
> (the current one is more of a reseller) and keep the same IP address
> as a lot of my clients allow me access to their systems based on my IP
> address.
> According to whois the owner is mdnx so I will try them and see if
> they can help.

If you don't own the IP range (i.e. it's _at least_ a /24 PI allocated 
to you by RIPE), it's very very unlikely your current ISP will let you 
take it with you.

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