[GLLUG] Internet Data Rate

Marco van Beek mvanbeek at supporting-role.co.uk
Wed May 13 12:21:54 UTC 2020

With so few people having / using POTS telephones these days, it is 
really hard to explain to people that the quality of the line affected 
the quality of the data. Most of the time when I turn up to fault-find a 
xDSL line, I start by plugging a £10 handset into the line, and then 
have to tell them it is a voice fault and we need to report it to the 
telephone company, not the broadband company. They usually just don't 
get it.

My rule of thumb is that with HiFi, cheap digital is better than cheap 
analogue, and expensive analogue is better than expensive digital, but 
in data transmission systems it is the other way round. A cheap analogue 
fix is always better than even an expensive digital fix.


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