[HLUG] Leaving!

Graham Cole grahamcole at nerdshack.com
Wed Apr 11 20:27:55 BST 2007

I'm really glad you were here in formative times for HLUG and my own slow progress with Linux which could have faltered many a time without group support. Like you I feel strongly about open source. Wish you great success, Matt, in all things that matter to you.


On Wed, 11 Apr 2007 17:06:35 +0100
Matt Rhys-Roberts <matt.rhys-roberts at q-par.com> wrote:

> Dear HLUG members,
> I'm leaving Herefordshire in order to move back to Wrexham, to have a 
> full-time life with my family who have been largely doing without me for 
> the last couple of years. Consequently I doubt I'll have much reason to 
> come along to HLUG meetings for the foreseeable future, but I'd 
> definitely like to keep in touch with those of you I've got to know.
> It's been a great pleasure to watch HLUG rise from old ashes, become a 
> friendly and educational self-help group, and an occasional excuse for 
> going to the pub. Thanks for encouraging me to stand up and talk about 
> odd software packages, pass on how to reconfigure hardware, etc etc... 
> To really learn about something, it's clearly good to try and teach it!
> In short, it's been fantastic to experience the resurgence of the local 
> computer club. Together, we can obviously overcome corporate 
> stranglehold on computer science and distribute the benefits more fairly 
> to everyone.
> May the force be with you!
> Very best wishes,
> Matt Rhys-Roberts.

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