[HLUG] 'could not get lock (synaptic problem)'

Julian Robbins joolsr at fastmail.fm
Sun May 6 22:09:27 BST 2007

Hi Graham
>     Wonderful Synaptic package manager
> 2 May, 2007 - 20:05 --- graham
> Somehow when using Synaptic there was an interruption, the downloading 
> stopped and Synaptic got broken. My system may be trying to carry on 
> where it left off because when I try to invoke Synaptic or use a 
> command with dpkg in it there is a no go situation because something 
> else is already running.
> As I use Ubuntu I asked for help in that forum. I got some answers but 
> let the trail go cold and no-one has been trying to help recently. If 
> a post is new then it gets looked at but old ones just get ignored I 
> think.
> One gripe I have about forums is the unhelpful titles some people 
> write in with, not trying to define their problem. Hence searching to 
> find help in previous posts is a needle-in-haystack quest!
> My problem has the title 'could not get lock (synaptic problem)'
Referring to your blog post on our LUG website, (thanks !), I've got an 
idea to fix your problem.

you could try

sudo dpkg --configure -a

This is normally used when a package breaks or when synaptic is 
interrupted, to clear up the mess. You actual error is an odd one.

Or have a look at this post.


Its not exactly the same issue as yours but sounds very similar.

Tell us how you get on.



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