[HLUG] GUADEC 2007 - Mid July 2007

Julian Robbins joolsr at fastmail.fm
Tue May 22 17:58:55 BST 2007


I have mentioned this before, but will mention again.
For any Gnome users you can do far worst this summer than to go to
Birmingham to visit their annual users and developers conference

We have very fortunate that it is really just on our doorstep as in the
past you would have travelled to Stuttgart, Dublin, Madrid for this !!
They event is also very cheap too !!

I am definitely planning to go along for at least a day, perhaps if
others are interested, we can go on the train as a group ??

The website, guadec.org tells you all there is to know.

I will send a further reminder (if I remember !) to the list in June.



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