[HLUG] Three free boxes available

Jeff Tupholme jeff at repositive.com
Sat May 26 15:36:18 BST 2007


As mentioned in my email of 21st March, we're offering Noel's three  
PCs to HLUG or anyone in it. Following his death last year we're now  
at the point of tidying up his affairs and want to give the things  
that mattered to him a good home.

There are two relatively up-to-date boxes, one currently running  
Windows and the other Mandriva, and an older unit that runs IPcop.  
There are also various sundry bits that may be of interest. I'll be  
taking the disk out of the Windows machine but other than that the  
units are in good working order and you can do with them what you like.

We'll be up in Herefordshire (near Kington) next weekend - Sunday 3rd  
and Monday 4th - for anyone who wants to come and have a look with a  
view to taking away. Please email me off-list for specific details.



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