[HLUG] Herefordshire DVB broadcast tuning file

Malcolm Herbert mherbert at redhat.com
Wed Jan 9 08:18:10 GMT 2008


> I recently bought a DVB box and have got it semi-working in ubuntu.  
> Thing is the example tuning data files are not for my area so I lack the 
> relevant information to scan for channels.  I was wondering if anyone 
> has setup DVB in linux if so can I check out your herefordshire tuning 
> data file please??
I got a Freecom USB DVB-T card working at home a little while ago on F6
(not done it recently, though on my list of to-do's)

In the end I didn't use a tuning file, but got one of the KDE TV apps to
scan automatically (will remember which one)

Having recently changed my TV aerial, where you are in Herefordshire
will be a significant factor in making this work :-)


> Regards,
> Dusty.

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