[HLUG] Herefordshire DVB broadcast tuning file

Julian Robbins joolsr at fastmail.fm
Wed Jan 9 08:39:51 GMT 2008

Malcolm Herbert wrote:
> Dusty, 
>> I recently bought a DVB box and have got it semi-working in ubuntu.  
>> Thing is the example tuning data files are not for my area so I lack the 
>> relevant information to scan for channels.  I was wondering if anyone 
>> has setup DVB in linux if so can I check out your herefordshire tuning 
>> data file please??
> I got a Freecom USB DVB-T card working at home a little while ago on F6
> (not done it recently, though on my list of to-do's)
> In the end I didn't use a tuning file, but got one of the KDE TV apps to
> scan automatically (will remember which one)

Kaffeine, is the one you mean ;)
> Having recently changed my TV aerial, where you are in Herefordshire
> will be a significant factor in making this work :-)

Yes, Unless you're in and around Ledbury/Ross/Much Marcle, I doubt the 
little antenna supplied with it will be much good. Its the same txmitter 
as the one that gives us Freeview, (Ridge Hill), so depending on how 
easy you get Freeview will be a rough indication of how likely you will 
get DVB on your PC.


> Malc
>> Regards,
>> Dusty.

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