[HLUG] AverMedia TV card problem in openSuSE10.3

Emon emon at lavabit.com
Wed Jan 16 10:33:21 GMT 2008

Hi everone

I have just installed a "AVer TV Super 007" card from AverMedia but when
I try to Scan for channels using KDETV it can't find any channel. In
YaST it shows up under "Hardware" -> "TV Card" as "SAA7133/SAA7135 Video
Broadcast Decoder" but when I try to scan channels from there it says

device has no tuner, exiting
Number of TV Stations Found: 0

So someone at my local lug suggested to do this; he says he found the
solution at some suse forum but can't remember which one  :-(

"In suse you have to enter the needed values with Yast:
hardware->TV card -> Edit -> Expert settings
set Module parameters
card 57
gbuffers 2
tuner 54"


Now I am getting video, but no audio!!

Any suggestions??

Thanks in advance

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