[HLUG] AverMedia TV card problem in openSuSE10.3

dusty dusty at smashthestack.org
Wed Jan 16 11:14:10 GMT 2008

Hey Emon,

I am in the process of getting a tuner tv card working (which is at the 
moment semi-working) and a DVB-T USB tuner box under ubuntu.

The tuner card was recognized in a fedora box auto magically but not in 
my ubuntu, i loaded the correct module for it (Googled) and then 
installed 'tvtime' package from the ubuntu repositories.  I stuck my 
DVB-T mini antenna into the tv antenna slot and bam it got a few 
channels straight away.

My tuner card is a Lifeview different to yours, but if yours was 
detected, I suggest a Google because it must obviously be supported 
under linux.

Also try the tvtime program, i've found my card won't work in certain 
apps but in others it does.  I've had great success with tvtime.



Emon wrote:
> Hi everone
> I have just installed a "AVer TV Super 007" card from AverMedia but when
> I try to Scan for channels using KDETV it can't find any channel. In
> YaST it shows up under "Hardware" -> "TV Card" as "SAA7133/SAA7135 Video
> Broadcast Decoder" but when I try to scan channels from there it says
> *********************
> device has no tuner, exiting
> Number of TV Stations Found: 0
> *********************
> So someone at my local lug suggested to do this; he says he found the
> solution at some suse forum but can't remember which one  :-(
> **************************
> "In suse you have to enter the needed values with Yast:
> hardware->TV card -> Edit -> Expert settings
> set Module parameters
> card 57
> gbuffers 2
> tuner 54"
> **************************
> Now I am getting video, but no audio!!
> Any suggestions??
> Thanks in advance
> Emon

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