[HLUG] Looking for CMS system

Andrew Hodgson andrew at hodgsonfamily.org
Thu Jan 31 13:28:09 GMT 2008



I am in the market for a CMS system which is easy to use.  I will be
installing it, but someone else completely will be doing the designing
of the pages etc - this is a teenager with average computer skills, who
is interested in designing a website for some projects I am involved in.


I have seen 3 sites named:






I don't know much about Plone or Joomla, but Mambo was mentioned here a
while back, and I remember helping Noel ages ago installing Mambo at a
LUG meeting around 3 years ago.  However, since then, I have dealt with
a system which for some reason had a security compromise, and I tracked
it down to a badly written Mambo package, which managed to get PHP
scripts in /tmp, and got them to run!


Any ideas welcome.





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