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Julian Robbins joolsr at fastmail.fm
Tue Mar 31 12:02:16 UTC 2009

On Mon, 30 Mar 2009 22:04 +0100, "AT Ege" <andreas.ege at mymail.ch> wrote:
> Hi there,
> I'm new on this list, and just wanted to introduce myself shortly.

Hi Andreas
> I'm a German vet, working in Wales & England since January 08, first in 
> Welshpool and now in Knighton, while living in Kington.

Its nice to have so wide a variety of people and jobs of members of our
I live in Shobdon, so you're just down the road ;-)

> I started dabbling with RedHat during vet school, about 11 or 12 years 
> ago, but as I couldn't get the Internet to work, it was more like a 
> short interlude. The next try, about a year later, was with SuSE Linux, 
> which worked quite fine for a few years then.
> At the moment I'm using Gentoo on my desktop machine, and open SuSE on 
> my wife's laptop.

So they teach you Linux in Vet's school? ;-) Yes, back then, Linux could
eb quite exasperating, with getting simple things to work, like, modems,
sound cards, even mice.

> What I like on linux, besides being free (mostly both aspects - as in 
> free speech and as in free beer ;-) ), is the high flexability to adjust 
> the system, the stable performance, even if you install lots of betas 
> and the traceability of errors, when they occur.

yepp. your last point is often not mentioned, but yes, its rarely a
problem to install lots of apps if you testing them. In Windows, you can
cause a lot of problems trying this.

> I think I'm fairly experienced in linux problem solving (as far as 
> private usage is covered), but more like "I do remember I solved 
> something like that before, but I don't remember how" and searching 
> again for it. :-))

I use Tomboy - a note taking searchable ap for things like these. Now we
have also got a good wiki at work, so again, these nuggets I put there,
as I know I'll need them again, but may not find them..

> I hope to get contact to like-minded people via the list, and sometimes 
> I just enjoy reading discussions/ problems even if I can't provide 
> advise or am not involved.

Yepp, we're quite a friendly bunch, with newcomers, linux veterans, from
Herefordshire, Hertfordshire, the Scottish Borders to Bangladesh and New
Zealand !!

> I don't think I can make it to the April meeting, as I am working night 
> that day, and my mom is visiting that week as well, but probably I can 
> make it in May.

Ok, thats a shame. Don't forget we have a irc channel, though i cant
remember the address, its in the archives, or somone will hopefully post
the details.

> @Julian Robbins: the swiss domain was just one of the more appealing 
> free mail services, when I cancelled my German provider before I moved 
> to wales, that's why a German guy with a Swiss domain lives in England.
> ;-)
> And thanks for your kind welcome.

I asked Andreas about his odd domain name ... It all makes sense now.

Hope to see you at the May meeting



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