[HLUG] Oct, Nov & Christmas Special LUG Mtgs

Julian Robbins joolsr1 at googlemail.com
Tue Oct 13 23:21:17 UTC 2009


Just a quick note (as its so late), to let you know we shall be having 
our usual Third Weds of each Month  Linux and Open Source User Group 
meetings  on Weds 21st October and Weds 18th November at Cookeys 
Internet Cafe in Leominster @ 7.30pm as usual; (subject to the venue 
being available).

As usual we will then have our Christmas (December) get together which 
on past years has been a group meal. Last year though we were down to 
just two of us (very cosy:-) ), but this may have been down to factors 
such as too late notice, recession monetary pressures, and too many 
other events in the month.

I would still like to have a Christmas do of some type, but we are open 
to suggestions .... ;-)

Please email to let us know what you would prefer for our Christmas get 
together ..

Possible ideas - > please add yours to the list.

1) Meal as usual, either Chinese, Indian or English food
2) Meal with partners, and kids on a weekend afternoon ?
3) Nothing at all - we just a have a rest that month
4) HLUG go bowling !!
5) Group Visit -> Museum of Computing, ???, ???

But without getting ahead ourselves, next meeting is Weds next, in 
Leominster at Cookeys Net Cafe as usual.



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