[HLUG] Work for Red Hat ?

Malcolm Herbert malcolm at redhat.com
Tue Oct 13 06:41:06 UTC 2009

Julian, et al

> BTW, There's been some discussions about possibly unwanted introductions 
> from pushy Linux recruiters to LUG's around the country on the lugmaster 
> mailing list. Can I just say that Malcolm is definitely completely 
> legitimate, and has held a good position at Red Hat for many years - ie 
> this is a real requirement for staff for Red Hat.

ah, good point. I usually post to Linuxjobs (which doesn't have the
traffic it used to, surprisingly) and a recent posting has meant we're
taking on a recent grad from Hereford.  

I'll get to one of the LUG meetings one day...if I'm at home that week

> Julian Robbins
> > Malc
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