[HLUG] Recovery Discs.....

Paul Stenning paul at sp-tech.co.uk
Thu Oct 22 08:07:27 UTC 2009

If the PC has the Windows XP licence sticker on the case you could 
reinstall Windows from a standard OEM Windows CD (as long as it's the 
right version, Home or Pro) and use the CD Key on the PC.  That is still 
legal as you are using the OEM licence from the PC.  You would then just 
need to get any relevant drivers from the HP website.

I have Windows XP OEM Home and Pro CDs here.  Email me off-list if you 
want to borrow one.

Of course if you can talk them into Ubuntu (or Mint may be a good choice 
for someone coming from Windows) that's all the better.  If they are 
only using it for internet and basic office stuff etc it will do all 
they need. :)


Meijin wrote:
> Just wondered, I'm trying to fix somebody's laptop that currently has 
> Windows XP on it, only they don't have recover discs or a recover partition
> Does anyone on this list have Win XP recovery discs suitable for a HP 
> Pavilion Notebook (DV1000) that I may borrow, please ?
> If not, I'll have to try and talk them into Ubuntu !!
> Rob

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