[HLUG] Recovery Discs.....

Meijin meijin.linux at googlemail.com
Thu Oct 22 16:41:22 UTC 2009

Hi Paul,

Thanks for the reply.

I have the product code and Windows XP Home (which is what was on there 
originally), but with the HP Pavilion a fresh install of windows won't 
work - the pc shuts down. The recovery discs are required - and they 
cost about £35 !

As I'm unable to get some, I will have to try my best and get them a 
free OS....

Unless anyone else out there may have some ??



Paul Stenning wrote:
> If the PC has the Windows XP licence sticker on the case you could 
> reinstall Windows from a standard OEM Windows CD (as long as it's the 
> right version, Home or Pro) and use the CD Key on the PC.  That is still 
> legal as you are using the OEM licence from the PC.  You would then just 
> need to get any relevant drivers from the HP website.
> I have Windows XP OEM Home and Pro CDs here.  Email me off-list if you 
> want to borrow one.
> Of course if you can talk them into Ubuntu (or Mint may be a good choice 
> for someone coming from Windows) that's all the better.  If they are 
> only using it for internet and basic office stuff etc it will do all 
> they need. :)
> Paul
> Meijin wrote:
>> Just wondered, I'm trying to fix somebody's laptop that currently has 
>> Windows XP on it, only they don't have recover discs or a recover partition
>> Does anyone on this list have Win XP recovery discs suitable for a HP 
>> Pavilion Notebook (DV1000) that I may borrow, please ?
>> If not, I'll have to try and talk them into Ubuntu !!
>> Rob

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