[HLUG] My Experience of Linux

Broomster broomster at gmail.com
Tue Sep 1 23:49:38 UTC 2009

I joined this group some time ago, and have lurked around in the background
for some time.

I joined after installing Ubuntu on my old desktop. I can't remember what
version but I suspect it was either 7.10 or 8.04. I had one or two issues
with getting the wifi connection to work back then, and at the time the room
layout we had meant my pc was next to the router, so an ethernet cable
wasn't a problem. We then moved house, and my partner wasn't so keen on
having the room layout compromised by where I wanted my pc! As it happened,
I also received some inheritance, and bought myself a new desktop pc. I was
toying with getting a new laptop, and asked for advice on here, but then got
a desktop instead (more bang for the bucks!). This came preinstalled with
Windows Vista, and I got drawn in by the shinyness of it all, and kept it
installed (more fool me!). I later went dual boot, and now run exclusively
on Ultimate Edition 2.3 - based on Ubuntu 9.04. The only thing I have issues
with is a piece of windows software called Family Tree Maker - which won't
run under Wine, and I pretty much live and die by that software, so I have
that running on windows in a VM using Virtualbox...

I have also recently aquired an Asus EEE 1000HG - which is a fab little
machine with a built in 3G modem on Orange. Works very well - using
Eeebuntu. Everything works - display right size, wifi, and even the 3G
connection. Superb bit of kit, with a redundant XP installation! The
Eeebuntu version i installed was the NBR version - which after a while I
thought was a little childish in the layout. Yes, it works well on the
screensize, but then so does the normal gnome desktop! So I soon switched

I plan on eventually making it to one of the monthly meets, especially now I
have a wifi equipped netbook to show off to you all lol.

I'm hoping to get more involved on the group too. I rate myself as a
beginner, but not a totally clueless one. I can usually work most things out
by myself, and am happy to help others too if I can..


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