[HLUG] Proposed new meeting venue found

Julian Robbins joolsr1 at googlemail.com
Wed Mar 31 22:29:18 UTC 2010


I have found a place that I think could work as our new meeting venue 
and want to know people's views on it.

Its at 'The Point 4' in Hereford, right opposite the College for the 
Blind, in fact is part of their campus but also open to the public. 
Built only just last year.

The Point 4 - http://www.thepoint4.co.uk/socialise.html (apart from 
having a silly name), is a state of the art venue which fashions itself 
as ....

/'Herefordshire's newest sport and leisure club and conference venue is 
now open to the general public, sports groups, voluntary organisations 
and businesses./

/ So what's on offer...?/

    * / Sport and Leisure Facilities/
    * /Health and Relaxation Suite./
    * /Personal Trainer and Sports Masseurs/
    * /Social venue - Licensed Bistro and roof top terrace/
    * /Conferencing Facilities'/

It's actually rather nice, and has almost everything we need. The actual 
small conference room, is total about £20 per hour which is just too 
pricey for the group. I spoke to the helpful lady on reception who 
suggested that we could instead use the bistro/terrace area (for free) 
as its still very quiet in the evenings. She said that usually they only 
get one or two people who come in after going to the gym downstairs.

Even if it gets busier, which it certainly wasn't when I went on 
Saturday lunchtime, (we were the only people there), we can use the 
lovely terrace area where the wifi still works fine.


    * It's free (assuming we buy drinks and possibly food)
    * It's spacious & comfortable with space inside, nice sofas, and
      tables and outdoors on the terrace see
    * Free Wifi (probably a good speed too as quite centrally located
      and part of the College)
    * Seems quite laidback
    * Food / drinks are available
    * It's licenced
    * Centrally located in Hereford and in the county
    * Easy to find - easily accessible
    * Lots of free car parking only just a few yards away
    * Within walking distance of bus and train stations
    * Open till 10pm


    * Not our own room
    * Can't (unless we ask nicely), use power sockets ..
    * Can't guarantee there is a large group in one night .. but it
      seems unlikely.

I get the feeling that due to its status as a National College, that 
rightly the Blind college have this lovely venue, that doesn't seem to 
get used as much as they were hoping to. Because of this, they seem to 
be more than happy to let non members come in, as long as they sell a 
few coffees or beers/food

The links give you a bit of an idea. It doesn't show that the terrace is 
quite high up, and so on the far side you are quite on your own with no 
access from below, or to the side, so we wouldn't be disturbed. You can 
only access the terrace from the bar.

What do you think? Worth a try for next meeting ?  I've had no other 
suggestions ..


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