[HLUG] November HLUG meeting - Wednesday 24th at 7.30pm

Julian Robbins joolsr1 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 22 14:14:05 UTC 2010

Hello everybody

For our November LUG meeting we will be meeting as usual at the 'The Point
4's' terraced cafe/bar, next to the National College for the Blind in Venn's
Lane, about a mile from the centre of Hereford. With free wifi and their own
good sized car park, and food and drink available, its a great place for our
meetings !

We have no major  items on our agenda, apart from the following:-

   1. Our Christmas meal in December, best date/time ? I also have an idea
   which I'll share on Weds during the meeting for a great place to have
   our Christmas bash !
   2. Can I suggest with the explosion in the use of Android powered phones
   and devices, if anyone wants to talk about flashing/upgrading their phone, I
   for one would be pleased to know more about it.
   3. If anyone has anything in mind that they would like to talk about, or
   find out about, please feel free to on Weds.
   4. If anyone is interested I'll bring some of the goodies and notes about
   the World Plone Conference that I attended part of in Bristol earlier on
   this month.

If you're new to Open Source or Linux and you found something of interest at
our our Software Freedom Day event in September, we don't bite :-) please
come along !. Likewise, please bring your laptops etc if you need help
installing Linux (fixing Linux etc) or other open source applications and
we'll see if we can help. The meeting is as usual free to attend.

I will be there on Wednesday, and looking forward to seeing everyone again
at 7.30 - 9.30pm (ish).

Further details and a map how to get to The Point 4.

Please reply to the list if you think you'll be going.

Many thanks


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