[HLUG] Meeting venue suggestions

Chris Owens cowens at clara.co.uk
Wed Jan 18 15:18:44 UTC 2012

  Hi Julian

     I know it's not good for public transport but how did the Three 
Elms Pub stack up when we went there before, seemed pretty good.


On 18/01/12 14:27, Julian Robbins wrote:
> Hello
> The Point 4 had been a great venue for us, but recently staff there had
> been a bit awkward with us
> We had looked at another venue in hereford but it'd now closed
> Our January mtg is next week so we need to find somewhere
> I have one place in mind but its not ideal but could be used as a stopgap
> perhaps
> So this is what we are looking for
> Desirables
> Wifi
> Parking
> Free to use
> Food and drink available
> Hereford/leominster
> Preferably a separate room
> Mains power
> Near to local transport ie rail station etc
> Any ideas?
> We could look at a paid for venue as our numbers are higher at meetings
> these days but would prefer free if we can.
> Can you get your thinking caps on?
> Julian
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