[HLUG] Please help with Publicity for the 'Open source and the professional audio/visual environment' event

Julian Robbins joolsr1 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 4 21:52:07 UTC 2014


It's not too long now before the 'Open source and the professional
audio/visual environment' that we are putting on at Grange Court in

I'm sure it will be well attended by HLUG members, but there's room for
more too. There are a number of groups around the county that would be
quite interested in the presentation/demo that Charlie is doing for us.

On the Titanpad i setup there are notes on the evnt, please take a look
here https://titanpad.com/e52AXjtzAL

Please add any comments with your name (on right hand side).

If you look at the *Publicity* section there is still more to do to make a
good go of this event.

I'm hoping that more of us can get involved and take on one or two of the
small jobs that are shown there, that way its less for Charlie and myself
to do, if we can share the work out.

If you know of somewhere else you can promote this, ie other computer
groups, posters around the county, other creative groups especially please
go ahead and add your notes on the Titan pad on what you suggest and have
done, so we are all kept in the loop.

Get promoting !! ;-)


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