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Fastershire - Welcome to Fastershire - Project Update issue 6

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                        Project Update - Issue 6 - June 2014 
                             2 3 7 9 3 
                                Faster homes and
                                businesses so far 
                                New look website!  
                                You may have noticed that www.fastershire.com is looking very different these days. We have recently revamped our website to make it more user friendly, but it’s not just the look of the site that’s changed. 
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                                @ScottsWildLife you can register at [link] and we'll contact you when your cabinet is live to let you know you can upgrade 
                                2 days ago · reply 
                                @ScottsWildLife We announce cabinets as and when they go live. 
                                2 days ago · reply 
                                @skipper409 skipper409 you can register at [link] and we'll contact you when your cabinet is live. 
                                2 days ago · reply 
                                @TigerGaret yes the 1st cabinets in the area are still on track to go live this year. Glitch on the map is now fixed. 
                                2 days ago · reply 

           Faster Broadband switch on at Skylon Park  
                                Superfast broadband is now available to hundreds of businesses in Hereford’s Enterprise Zone. 
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                                How is the rollout going?  
                                We now have nearly 25,000 homes and businesses that are able to upgrade to fibre broadband across Herefordshire and Gloucestershire. 
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                                But I'm not connected to a cabinet.....?  
                                We’ve heard from a number of homes or businesses who are concerned that they will not have access to the new fibre network that is being rolled out, as their properties are connected directly to the telephone exchange and don’t pass through a green cabinet. 
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                                Online services make it easier to access what you need 24 hours a day  
                                Did you know that you can now access a whole host of Herefordshire Council and Gloucestershire County Council services and information online? 
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