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jonathan at roger91.orangehome.co.uk jonathan at roger91.orangehome.co.uk
Sat Jan 10 16:21:47 UTC 2015


Thank you for your HLUG straightforward "A&E" response. Infact this problem I reported to HLUG is not what it appears. I snce checked with BT, (my broadband 
supplier) today. BT identified the problem- I have had very slow Broadband at about one tenth of the normal expected speed since I was connected in early 
November, 2014. Under their terms I will be able to get this rectified as I have reported this within three months. BT will give me another call on Monday and 
hopefully their engineer will visit me as it is a BT problem.

Thank you again for HLUG's members' advice. As suggested I have now changed to the Chromium web browser on Ubuntu and this has restored another glicth I 
had with Firefox i.e. I would click on the final weblink eg the "booking" of tickets or something just as important and nothing would happen - i think this may be a bug 
caused when i opened a suspect email web link. That is a bonus!

Jonathan Roger

Message Received: Jan 07 2015, 02:44 PM
From: "Steve Horsfield" 
To: "Herefordshire Linux Users Group." 
Cc: jonathan at roger91.orangehome.co.uk
Subject: Re: [HLUG] Herefordshire Digest, Vol 1794, Issue 1

It looks as if Adobe no longer supports linux and recent versions of Flash
will not work in Firefox running on linux. The preferred solution appears
to be to install the the Google Chrome browser from the built-in Ubuntu

Steve Horsfield

On 7 January 2015 at 12:28, Kevin Dontenville  wrote:

> Hi Jonathan
> I can't help by popping round myself but thought I might help with words
> instead ;-)
> If installed flash should update all by itself when you allow updates to
> run on your Ubuntu pc.
> The package that installs and configures Flash for you is usually called
> flashplugin-installer
> So you should be able to find that in the software installer or you can
> use the command line:
> sudo apt-get install flashplugin-installer
> That will require you to enter your password to complete.
> If it is already installed then try telling it to update everything for
> you immediately:
> sudo apt-get update
> then
> sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
> You can do the same force upgrade in the GUI using the upgrade or software
> manager. For normal Ubuntu installs that is Software Centre so check for
> the flashplugin-installer and see if there is an update available.
> Hope that helps but I suspect there are others about who may be available
> for a visit if not.
> Kind regards
> Kevin Dontenville
> kevin at opensure.net

Message Received: Jan 07 2015, 12:22 PM
From: "George DiceGeorge" 
To: jonathan at roger91.orangehome.co.uk
Subject: RE: [HLUG] Please can HLUG carry out the command on my Ubuntu 14.10 to install an update Adobe flash player

On a computer firefox which wouldn't play YouTube I installed another browser - chrome or opera - and it worked. Still don't know why it didn't in Firefox. ! Don't 
care ! Time too precious !
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> 1. Please can HLUG carry out the command on my Ubuntu 14.10 to
> install an update Adobe flash player
> (jonathan at roger91.orangehome.co.uk)
> Hi Ro
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> Subject: [HLUG] Please can HLUG carry out the command on my Ubuntu
> 14.10 to install an update Adobe flash player
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> Hi
> Please could HLUG help me once again:
> Ideally, I wonder whether it is possible for a HLUG member to actually
> physically carry out the command on my Ubuntu 14.10 to install an
> up-to-date Adobe flash player to see a "YouTude" video (I'm learning to do
> the Tango as Chairman of the "Hereford Tango Club"). At the moment a
> YouTude video will repeatedl stop to upload.
> I find this command structure too complex to do myself even with the
> online hep available.
> Thank you!
> Regards,
> Jonathan Roger
> (a resident five minutes walk from the centre of Hereford City)
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