[HLUG] Herefordshire Digest, Vol 1795, Issue 1

Kevin Dontenville kevin at opensure.net
Thu Jan 8 13:12:27 UTC 2015

Hi Steve, Jonathan 

I think that Adobe is updating Flash for security fixes for Linux but not new versions per se. Still important to update the Linux Flash version! 

Very few new features will be offered in Flash, it is a dying area of development so we should not worry about it too much. I use Firefox and still have Flash enabled and updated so long as it is security patched we wont notice much benefit in using Chrome. 

I had to give up on Chrome because of site issues particularly in admin backends and ended up always testing using FF and then found it works faster, is safer and more robust for my use case. Means now I can use FF on mobile and desktop and can sync bookmarks, passwords, history etc all our own on services which makes me feel more comfortable, suspicious cynic that I am ;-) 


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