[Herts] OpenStreetMap is getting better

Steve Clark steve at bagofspoons.net
Mon Nov 27 10:34:44 GMT 2006

Paul Dixon wrote:
> Yeah, the new "slippy" map (based on OpenLayers) is pretty groovy stuff.
> I've had little time of late to continue mapping Baldock, though I've
> mapped out a 6 mile round trip to do the streets of Clothall one day.
> Maybe we should have a mini mapping event where we complete a bit of
> Baldock, Letchworth, or Stevenage etc, convening in a pub one Saturday
> or Sunday? Would probably have to be in the new year now...

Someone else has been working on Baldock and Letchworth unless you added
all those areas. From their wiki I see someone known as Batchoy is
mapping there.


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