[Herts] Linux Hosting

nicolas nicolas at jetblackjelly.com
Sun Jun 8 19:09:51 BST 2008


I currently have a blade server hosted with NetrinoUK at the BlueSquare
Data centre in Maidenhead. This has been working OK for years, however
Netrino have recently increased the price to £52 per month (Inc VAT)!
For the use the server currently has, this is a lot of money.

The server also a good few years old and needs reloading with a more
recent Distro, Netrino would charge £60 for the reload.

All these factors have made me think that it might be time for a move to
another provider and start with a completely "fresh" machine.  

Any thoughts? Recommendation for another hosting company? Any recent
experiences of http://www.poundhost.com/ for example?



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