[Klug-general] Something for the weekend

MacGyveR macgyver at thedumbterminal.co.uk
Sun Aug 13 10:32:15 BST 2006

On Sunday 13 Aug 2006 09:43, Karl Lattimer wrote:
> I've been playing with SLED10 recently and its really impressive and
> I've decided to try and free up some of their non free stuff or at least
> the UI. heh ;) I hope they don't mind.
> The thing I've taken a look at is the Xgl configuration dialog and how
> you can automatically retrieve the right driver and enable Xgl without
> needing to do much thinking or clicking. So I'd like a broad spectrum of
> assistance with a simple question; on your distribution is there a
> distribution accepted way of installing the graphics driver. The process
> on fedora is;
> install livna.org repository
> yum install kmod-nvidia xorg-x11-driver-nvidia
> Xgl is also available from other repositories, and if I can cover
> ubuntu/nexenta (I HOPE SOMEONE USES THIS)/insert favourite distro
> here... I'll have a scriptable way of installing Xgl/Aiglx and drivers
> for various distributions.
> anyway, some python/glade code is available from
> http://www.wine-doors.org/de-0.1b.tar.gz
> I've just got to hook up gconf and add in the auto-installer script.
> To run it cd into Desktop-Effects/src and do;
> python gnome-preferences-desktop-effects.py
> you'll have to kill it with ctrl+c as its purely a glade UI with no
> events functioning.
> patches welcome, gconf will be done hopefully by the end of today and
> that'll be everything but the install scripts.
> enjoy
> K,
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for slackware you could use:

wget <url to .tgz package>
installpkg <.tgz file>

for debian you could use:

apt-get install <package>

i dont think either of the above has support for 3d card drivers as standard, 
so you might have to have a catchall "build from source" option in the script 

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