[Klug-general] Re: Mark Shuttleworth interview

Karl Lattimer karl at nncc.info
Mon Aug 21 17:43:15 BST 2006

On Mon, 2006-08-21 at 17:30 +0100, Dan Attwood wrote:
> Yeah it's all about inclusion and has nothing to do with OS choice.
> It's about the media beign able to reach everyone regardless.
> It's about me - or anyone else, from any demographic, not having to
> break the law to watch it, or shell out pounds to the buy windows.
> It was also about the irony of putting an article out about sorce in a
> closed format.

The irony is granted and laughable. However nobody can actually complain
in all seriousness, until fluendo gets big and powerful (which it will)
and there is a competitor which can provide streaming to any platform
linux included. 

Fluendo is where we should be putting our pounds and you will soon be
able to buy licenses for windows media for gstreamer from fluendo for £3
and also real media for £1, so don't be too upset.

I'm one of those who is willing to pay for licenses in certain areas for
instance I am a transgamer even though I haven't used in 6 months I
still pay the subscription because I want the company to do well, also
most of their python code is purely source and useful in the way of
ideas ;)

I use linux because its better, not because its free. Its free as in
freedom after all, and that is very different to free as in beer.

Licensing is about to become far more transparent especially after the
decoupling row in the EU recently over WMP. 


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