[Klug-general] The desktop, the future...

Margot margot at lawrence1961.f9.co.uk
Sun Nov 16 23:13:23 UTC 2008

Karl Lattimer wrote:
> I hope to invite many of you to help with the initial round of testing,
> which will be done via a web browser. We're specifically looking for
> computer users who aren't familiar with Linux desktops, so the newer
> users amongst you are very helpful to us. 
> <snip>

Happy to help by taking part in tests, and I could probably find 
some inexperienced users to help out too.

> If any of you have any ideas I'm willing to listen and discuss them with
> you. Cantankerous rants are appreciated to, hate something in GNOME or
> KDE? Tell me, and I'll take it into consideration.

Desktop icons. What is the point of them? To find them, you have to 
move or minimise the applications you're already using.

On my actual wooden desk, I don't have all my tools & the entire 
contents of my filing cabinet hidden somewhere under the two or 
three pieces of paper I'm currently working on, so why would I want 
to do that on my computer desktop?

I use Xfce - recent versions have introduced desktop icons for 
people who really want them, but disabling the icons doesn't affect 
the functionality.


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