[Klug-general] The desktop, the future...

Karl Lattimer karl at qdh.org.uk
Sun Nov 16 23:57:25 UTC 2008

> Happy to help by taking part in tests, and I could probably find 
> some inexperienced users to help out too.

Nice, always good to have some guinea pigs 

> Desktop icons. What is the point of them? To find them, you have to 
> move or minimise the applications you're already using.

Show desktop button?

This is actually quite a difficult issue, because the desktop has
traditionally been a place that inexperienced users put everything :)

You raise a valid point though, and along the lines of a show desktop
button we could re-think the layering of the place we tend to put the
things we're currently working on. 

For instance, would you feel better about zooming out the open windows
so they appear as icons on the desktop, along side closed files etc...
Or how about a layer on top that you would invoke to be shown on top of
your open windows.

The files there wouldn't be there because you put them there, but would
be on this layer because they are relevant to your current "Things I'm
doing". The "Things I'm doing" idea is actually getting quite a bit of
traction and I think this could be a good way of showing it.

> On my actual wooden desk, I don't have all my tools & the entire 
> contents of my filing cabinet hidden somewhere under the two or 
> three pieces of paper I'm currently working on, so why would I want 
> to do that on my computer desktop?

A very good point, same as I don't keep my waste bin on my desk top. 



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