[Nottingham] [OT] WANTED: Wireless USB

Jon Masters nottingham at mailman.lug.org.uk
Mon Nov 4 14:47:01 2002

On 4 Nov 2002, Lee wrote:

> I may have here you can try, but your limited to very power output power
> on most usb adapters :-(... , I don't want any cash for it, but I will
> swap it 'noel edmund's' for something....

Interesting, bring on Wednesday then if you will. It's definately 802.11B?

> Your also limited by 5m of usb cable, unless you use a whizo extender. 
> (1000 feet!).

Yup, we've got that one sorted :-)

> And I don't know what state linux is in for wireless usb drivers 
> (probably not great)...you are using linux arn't you? I know hostap mode
> is definity out at the moment.

Many do work, or rather, the main chipsets seem to have drivers now so
it's worth a shot at getting it going.

> Also, are you thinking of use an external ant?, because your going to
> need to hack it open to achive that, are you good at hacking things open
> (i am not).

That's the idea - either hack it open and stick another antenna on, or
stick the whole thing in a pringles can, or do what others are trying and
using it as a collector with a dish behind it...dunno, I think we'll try
random things and see what happens.

> So, on the roof, I did'nt know you were becoming an ISP john. ;-).

I need a link between home and a friend's house down the road - the signal
already goes quite a way without any assistance so an external antenna
might just do it - plus with USB I don't need many feet of antenna cable.

> On a side note, when the next meet, I might come along, if you all
> promise to be very nice to me and not beat me up. ;-)

Wednesday then, and I don't bite much, bark a alot though.