[Nottingham] Re: Gnutella software

Johannes Kling nottingham at mailman.lug.org.uk
Mon Sep 9 17:47:00 2002

> What is everyone else using for Gnutella?

I used GTK-Gnutella for a while, but eventually gave up ... it was
virtually impossible to get anything out of the network (but maybe
that's just me).

Phex, another Gnutella client, took a lifetime to load the list of
files I share (~5-10 seconds per file). It's also written in Java

Unless you insist on using Gnutella, try finding an OpenNap client (I
use XNap, which works fine but is also Java based). It seems to work a
lot faster for searches without eating nearly as much bandwidth when
idling while offering just as much choice (given the right servers).