[Nottingham] Microkernal GNU Mach (with GNU Hurd)

Martin nottingham at mailman.lug.org.uk
Thu Feb 20 20:52:01 2003

Robert Davies wrote:

>> [...] Mach, Hurd and whether
>>they are yet usable!!
> Yes actually, I'm using FreeBSD as well as Linux now, and have dabbled with 
> OpenBSD in past, so think it's a shame that it's not FUGs rather than LUG's 
> ie. FreeOS User Groups.
> Fact is with so much common tools and applications which kernel you happen to 
> run is probably more of academic interest to most users.

So... In all naiveté, can I install a Mach/Hurd kernel alongside my 
Mandrake 9.* kernel and use (some of) the existing files/ apps as used 
by the Mandrake stuff?

Or is a separate partition and completely separate install required?

(Or is this a very silly question because the Mach/Hurd kernel supports 
far fewer interfaces/services than the Linux kernel?)


Martin Lomas