[Nottingham] Linux Evening classes

James Gibbon nottingham at mailman.lug.org.uk
Fri Jul 4 17:33:00 2003

Duncan John Fyfe wrote:

> sorry to be the awkward one but...
> Where would we get a 'computer lab' of Linux based machines to run
> such a course with ?

Although a definite 'nice-to-have' this wouldn't be strictly
necessary and the absence of such a facility shouldn't, in my
opinion, be considered a showstopper in all cases.  I've given a
few technical courses with no hands-on element, most memorably
shell script programming and infrastructure familiarity.  As long
as people can take notes, practice afterwards and come back with
questions and/or problems, it works OK.

I appreciate that (eg) KDE or Gnome familiarity presentations
wouldn't lend themselves well to this approach, but in other cases
just listening, watching and taking notes is fine.