[Nottingham] Hosting your own domain/s?

Lee nottingham at mailman.lug.org.uk
Tue Jul 8 20:42:01 2003

Hmm, I've been reading all your posts on this subject, yeah well naan is
meant to more bandwidth for less bread....so were on the right track,
so if our users don't want to talk to anyone in the local area, and
access stuff like /. or bbc.co.uk, we can either cache 'em locally to
save bandwidth, seems like a logical step! Akami technology have the
right kinda idea of placing high bandwidth content closer to the users,
less hops means less $$$$$. Imagine if some rouge administrator at
underground secret data center in beeston stuck a naan node on the roof,
there you go, the cost of local bandwidth is then greatly reduced, if
not free. rig 3 naan nodes up on the roof, that around 70meg's of usable
bandwidth from them, to us, which aint bad.... really. :-)

besides, what's to stop people having multiple network's in thier homes,
one to naan, and one to a isp,  local traffic goes local, rest of your
traffic goes out your normal connection...simple...! 

Naan suffers from what all networks do, lack of bandwidth, but it's just
a matter of controlling bandwidth usage pattern, we might not agree to
someone maxing out thier line 24/7, but say, usage of the spare
bandwidth when the network is less congested, say at night, when most
sane people (expept hackers) are sleeping, can really work wonders, just
needs a bit of cooperation from the users, which is easy for us, because
everyone on the network wants to be there, and we know them well...very
well because it's a real community not a virtual one ,
I can just pop round there house for coffee and say, 'hey man, don't
run  kazza during the day, it's not nice mate' and it's done.... (and I
get free coffee too).

you not going to get that kinda of cooperation when people are paying
through the nose for a large faceless network provider. Economey 7
networking, making people heat and wash stuff at night.....

if ntl did turn around to and say have some caching servers, we'd
probably say your not installing your substandard ikotomi web caches any
whre near our network ;-) (grin), not that ntl would, because we are the
enemy, because they think we're direct competion with them, but were
not, naan is a complementary technology, not a replacement for adsl or
cable modems...it's different!

I'm having trouble establishing a upstream provider for naan, everyone
wants to sell us bandwidth, but as soon as you mention network and
community, they shove thier AUP in your face and tell you go else where.
Speakeasy.net in the states are leading the pack, they see community
WLAN's as a way of increasing thier business, not taking it away... you
can't beat shortsighted telco exec's can you, poor things... ;-).

if you do some traceroutes for your own traffic, you'll see it always
hit's linx, my naan box is hosted at my old company, and if I access it
from the cable modem side of ntl, I'm routed right the way down to
london and then back, does'nt make too much sense does it, and you sit
there cursing the routing administrator,  but when you think, what's
basiclly going on is communication, and communication leads to politics,
and network politics in our country currently dictates that all our
traffic should be monitored, logged, stored for future reference (in
case we are terrorists), it's now makes perfect sense that traffic which
enters the same public datacenter is routed via linx..., snooping black
boxes are expensive, best have them located centrally , saves the
goverment lots  of our $$$. ;-)

if people max out naan 24/7 then the network will collapse, but were
playing with lots of cool linux qos features, that you just can't
rollout on the internet as whole, so hopefully we can get things
undercontrol before things sprial out of control, hopefully advances in
uwb wireless will be out by then, and that really changes the scene for
building high speed short distance community radio mesh networks, and
there no reason why you can't add a few cheap laser point to point links
to ease local congeston....and we get to blind pigeons too, which can't
be bad...

I'd like to run fiber, but the law as it stands prevents me talking to
my neigbours in this way, ah, politics again....can't avoid it these
days and the way that the law is being changed, it's going to be illegal
to even talk to my neigbour via a wireless connection soon, check out
the 802.11a bands, which currently ban any kind of outdoor
activity....hmmm, makes me think who's pulling the ra's strings behind
the scenes.. .;-) now big telco are wanting to increase revenue they
spent on 3g licences with wifi hotspots, it will only be a matter of
time before the 802.11a/g bands are crippled in law with pressure from
big business to prevent the average jo from doing a naan like network.
:-(((((, gotta get some groundswell of naan before this happens....

Broadband tax, now that sounds cool, so the rich who can get broadband,
can pay for those less well off to have a simple 24/7 low bandwidth
connection to the net, you can do a lot with 128kb/s , I know, I used to
pull stuff from bbs in the states at 9600 baud, back in the day, which
was 'interesting' ;-).

okay, final thing is, just to 'keep it naan', sign up on www.naan.org.uk
and lets get connecting to each other (for free), I love to do this all
on my own, but I aint got the time or the money (mostly money actually)
or the roof space :-))))))))))))))

'more bandwidth for less bread'