[Nottingham] Hosting your own domain/s?

Robert Davies nottingham at mailman.lug.org.uk
Tue Jul 8 22:38:00 2003

On Tuesday 08 Jul 2003 20:29, Lee wrote:

> you not going to get that kinda of cooperation when people are paying
> through the nose for a large faceless network provider. Economey 7
> networking, making people heat and wash stuff at night.....

If you grow, you'll find some uncooperative ppl :(

> I'm having trouble establishing a upstream provider for naan, everyone
> wants to sell us bandwidth, but as soon as you mention network and
> community, they shove thier AUP in your face and tell you go else where.

Are you trying to use a 'Home User' service as the upstream provider?  There 
are ISPs who can give Upstream services.

> if you do some traceroutes for your own traffic, you'll see it always
> hit's linx, my naan box is hosted at my old company, and if I access it
> from the cable modem side of ntl, I'm routed right the way down to
> london and then back, does'nt make too much sense does it,

It does if you see the Network Topography, and consider the bureaucratic 
hassle involved in setting up peering with your competitors.

> enters the same public datacenter is routed via linx..., snooping black

There's another centre in Manchester, maybe others now, but Linx will be the 

> I'd like to run fiber, but the law as it stands prevents me talking to
> my neigbours in this way, ah, politics again....can't avoid it these
> days and the way that the law is being changed, it's going to be illegal
> to even talk to my neigbour via a wireless connection soon, check out
> the 802.11a bands, which currently ban any kind of outdoor
> activity....hmmm, makes me think who's pulling the ra's strings behind

Ah just get some US Army surplus Argon lasers, and fire them across the street 
to get those bits baking the Naan