[Nottingham] Redhat Init

Alex Tibbles nottingham at mailman.lug.org.uk
Wed Jul 9 16:37:01 2003

> Is the script modified from a skeleton init.d
> script, with the proper start / 
> stop etc?  If so, then fill in the fields in the
> header and use checkconfig 
> to install it.
Thanks for that (chkconfig, yes?). I'll look into that
later when the program will be (probably) a
start|stop|restart'able daemon.

> Otherwise, I think RH has an rc.local script that's
> run at end of startup.  
> You can use to run it from there.
That's what I initially (sorry for the pun) tried and
seemed to get nothing - putting it in rc.local (it's
S99local->../rc.local). Can you think of anything that
would stop this working? My test was running exactly
the same command as was in the rc.local from a root
terminal (which worked). Do you know where I can find
information about what went wrong? (Where is syslog on
RH8 - it's not /var/log/syslog?!).

> It's perfectly possible to run short running scripts
> and programs from init.d, 
> without them being cleanly daemonised.  The
> detaching is to avoid getting 
> signals from the terminal it was started from, which
> might be embaressing and 
> have unpredictable results.
Could this be causing the execution from rc.local to

I'll proceed with daemonizing, using a skeleton init
script and using chkconfig because the program really
is a daemon, it's just doesn't know it yet :)

thanks for your help.

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