[Nottingham] Linux Tuition

Martin nottingham at mailman.lug.org.uk
Thu Jul 10 14:52:01 2003

Jon Masters wrote:
> On Thu, 10 Jul 2003, Simon Huggins wrote:
>>13:52 <jcm> I want to know who is willing to actually pay money for us
>>            to do it rather than those interested in freeloading.
> If you expect myself and others to necessarily have to pay to travel/hire 
> venue/organise/promote/etc. then you live in a very twisted little world
> indeed.

... Here we go... <JCM Jihad mode ON (tm)>...

> The fact is that LUG meetings usually take place on the cheap out
> of necessity but it is unlikely that the appropriate resources can or will
> appear out of the thin air and be avilable for such more hands-on/formal
> events. Often this comes out of the pockets of those running the event,
> but why should it?

All part of an informal mutually beneficial community spirit. It's also 
how social groups thrive throughout the animal kingdom.

>  I did not say what you perhaps hoped I might ``I'm
> interested in ripping people off''. I think paying a moderate charge is
> both wholly reasonable and entirely necessary in order to see these things
> happen

And very fair too. Just be clear about it 'up-front'. Context is 
important. I would guess that if you charged fair rates for a good 
result, then you'll have a good business. You could also hire me to 
offer tuition!

> - unless your Economics degree gives you some different insight...

One rule of good management and good business is not to start playground 

> I would have thought you could spare a couple of minutes to consider
> copy-pasting everything said on IRC in to a mail client and posting to the
> world because I think the phrasing would have been a little different :-)
> on a public mailing list...but hey the gist is there anyway.


> Thanks for another attempt at starting a flamefest, now please refrain
> from the urge to be increadibly rude again and leave it at that.

Cool down a little. Just note that the context of an informal LUG event 
is rather different to 'formal' pay for some service...

However, I'm sure folk will be sympathetic to honest blurring of the 
boundaries for mutual benefit (social stuff again (:-)).


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