[Nottingham] Linux Tuition

Simon Huggins nottingham at mailman.lug.org.uk
Thu Jul 10 14:56:00 2003

On Thu, Jul 10, 2003 at 02:18:37PM +0100, Jon Masters wrote:
> On Thu, 10 Jul 2003, Simon Huggins wrote:
> > 13:52 <jcm> I want to know who is willing to actually pay money for us
> >             to do it rather than those interested in freeloading.
> If you expect myself and others to necessarily have to pay to
> travel/hire venue/organise/promote/etc. then you live in a very
> twisted little world indeed.

Current meetings don't suffer from this problem.  Some token donation
for a venue to cover costs has been discussed on the list before.

I wouldn't expect you or others to travel unnecessarily - this is
NottLug after all for people based in and around Notts.

Promotion and organisation could happen on this list as it does at the
moment for meetings.

> The fact is that LUG meetings usually take place on the cheap out of
> necessity but it is unlikely that the appropriate resources can or
> will appear out of the thin air and be avilable for such more
> hands-on/formal events. Often this comes out of the pockets of those
> running the event, but why should it?  I did not say what you perhaps
> hoped I might ``I'm interested in ripping people off''. I think paying
> a moderate charge is both wholly reasonable and entirely necessary in
> order to see these things happen - unless your Economics degree gives
> you some different insight...

You don't say what you intend this "moderate charge" would be for.

Covering costs of venue is one thing.  Paying for someone to travel from
Reading and to teach is another.

> I would have thought you could spare a couple of minutes to consider
> copy-pasting everything said on IRC in to a mail client and posting to the
> world because I think the phrasing would have been a little different :-)
> on a public mailing list...but hey the gist is there anyway.

I'm surprised you didn't mention that if you were involved you'd want
some money out of it in your first message.

> Thanks for another attempt at starting a flamefest, now please refrain
> from the urge to be increadibly rude again and leave it at that.

I'm not trying to start a flamefest Jon nor have I been rude I hope.

I'm just trying to correct what may otherwise have come across as a
magnanimous gesture on your behalf but which you clearly didn't intend
to be one.

There's nothing to stop you setting up a fully for-profit company to do
linux tutition across the UK and to charge people as you see fit.

The LUG has to decide whether it wants to go that route or whether it
wants some form of tutorials/lectures or even more informal general
discussion on various aspects of Linux.


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