[Nottingham] wireless 54Mbps for desktop PC

Lee nottingham at mailman.lug.org.uk
Wed Jul 16 10:21:01 2003

> A price, supplier, product code and possibly a URL would be much
> appreciated.

Oh, err, I think your out of luck at the moment me duck, I've not been
able to find any drivers for 802.11g cards as of yet for linux, seems
broadcom is not too keen on supporting open source drivers. I did get a
TI 22mb/s PBCC cards working on mandrake, was a bit buggy but it worked,
but that's not 802.11g anyway....so avoid...

I think it's more of the fact than you can get an old laptop, a 802.11g
card, put linux on it, and you have a fully functional access point ,
with lots of very cool networking features.....for...err free!!!!

On a side note, the Linksys WAP54G WRG54G run linux 2.4, it's a cramfs
v1 filesystem, and you can reflash it with your own stuff, although they
only release a binary version of thier broadcom chipset driver, it's
just peeks and pokes after all still, should be enough for some bright
hacker (not me) to reverse engineer...hahaha!
Seems you can also up the output power of these babies to 88mw rather
than the pathetic 35mw that most 802.11g are limited too.... useful for
those long shots!

check out http://www.seattlewireless.net/index.cgi/WAP54G

'more bandwidth for less bread'