[Nottingham] A newbie speaks... nervously

James Duncan James_Duncan8181 at ntlworld.com
Thu Nov 27 19:55:11 GMT 2003

Joe Wrigley wrote:

>>From my experience with the unofficial sarge isos, the new installer is
>quite frankly cack.
No, no, speak your mind(!).  If by cack you mean does not have a flashy 
GUI etc then you should note that you are using the back end and it is 
designed to have a GTK2 (graphical) front end run on it.  This is in 
addition to things like braille readers and serial consoles.

Though if you really want eye candy I believe that Redhat's Anaconda 
installer is being ported to Debian and way well be an alternative in 
sarge on powerPC and x86 (and x86 is almost certainly you).

But yes, if you use pre-release software that has only just entered beta 
1, you might have a non flashy experience.

That said if you want a easy deb installer (cos both options are 
confusing for a newbie) then use Knoppix.  3.2 has gone on about 10 
machines as smooth as silk for me, not tried 3.3 yet.

Links are availible if you want them.

James Duncan

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