[Nottingham] A meeting suggestion - bring your problem machines

Robert Macaraeg utahbob62 at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 5 13:21:30 BST 2004

Did I start a trend? I wish I could make tomorrows
meeting, but family commitments conflict.  I have the
problem notebook from the last meetingwith the hard
disk problem, that I think was licked with a new hard
drive. I can boot Knoppix from the CD with no
problems. I like to burn an image of it to the hard
drive. When I boot off the CD, I type in F2 to boot
options, then type FB1024 X768 od to reformat the hard
drive. The routine of scanning for hardware and auto
configuring devices go on, then Knoppix comes up and
all is well. Then I shut the notebook computer down
and reboot with out the Knoppix CD and no joy. Am I
doing something wrong or omitting a step?

Also my source for cheap hardware is drying up. He
told me that asset management is starting to do their
job. Sorry.  I hope to be at the October 20th meeting
with a success story of a newbie getting started with

Thanks in advance,
--- Iain Moppett <Iain.Moppett at nottingham.ac.uk>
> Good idea for us newbies.
> Iain
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> >>> msemtd at yahoo.co.uk 10/04/04 4:52 PM >>>
> I've noticed that a lot of the chat both on the list
> and in the pub after 
> meetings seems to be about real sticking points that
> require some greater 
> mindset to solve. One meeting idea that I would
> welcome is for everyone to 
> bring along their problem machines and the
> collective knowledge should be 
> able to sort them out! 
> I'm sure I'm not the only group member who has some
> persistent Linux 
> annoyances on particular machines; be it keymap
> troubles, XFree86 strife, or 
> a bit of hardware that just won't play ball. Hell, I
> have some machines at 
> work that defy all distribution installers and
> rescue CDs!
> I believe that such a meeting would be great fun:
> everyone would learn a thing 
> or two, brains would get exercised, machines would
> get exorcised (:)), and 
> problems would be banished forever. 
> What do folks think?
> Regards,
> Michael.
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