[Nottingham] A Linux Christmas Webcam

Paul Mellors paul at paulmellors.net
Fri Dec 16 17:18:20 GMT 2005

James Ogley uses a Logitech Quickcam 3000 Pro, not sure how new these 
are....heres the link to his page


On a second note, im using vmware running a xp pro virtual machine that 
uses my Playstation 2 webcam....works a treat!


Martin wrote:

> Folks,
> What's a good current usb webcam that is supported by the 2.6.x series 
> kernels?
> Preferably 300k+ pixels, colour, and microphone...
> (OK, so I've upgraded some of the family onto broadband... :-) )
> Are there any webcams that offer 1024x768?
> There's the lists at:
> http://www.linux-usb.org/devices.html
> but it looks like only the old stuff is on there... And a certain 
> large manufacturer has replied:
> "We regret to inform you that xxx Computer Products are generally 
> developed for use with Windows® operating systems only,  and therefore 
> no drivers or installation instructions for Linux operating systems 
> are provided. Nor is in fact the use of our products with Linux in any 
> way supported."
> What can someone recommend please?
> And what's the image quality like?
> Thanks,
> Martin

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