[Nottingham] Help wanted

Dave Chapman dokterdave at ntlworld.com
Sat Dec 17 12:50:07 GMT 2005

Hi there LUGers
Let me first introduce myself.
My names Dave and I live in Brighton ?

Now the help bit.
Last week I dropped off a box at my parents house in Hucknall it has OpenSUSE 
10 installed on it.
They phoned NTL while I was there to get broadband. Unfortunatly they wanted 
to send an engineer round to install a modem which meant I would no longer be 
there as I had to come home.
What I need is someone to go round and get them connected.
The box is setup to get a dhcp lease as I set it up here before taking it to 
them. But they keep getting page not found errors.

If anyone would be so kind.
Contact me off list


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