[Nottingham] [Social] Tomorrow 02 Mar 2005, NLUG Social Meet

Michael Quaintance penfoldq at penfoldq.co.uk
Tue Mar 1 19:39:50 GMT 2005


I've been lurking on this mailing list for a little while (actually 
under a different email address) and I was wondering what the policy 
was on new members.

Does anyone mind if I just turn up at tomorrow's social?

Also how inclusive is the group generally? It seems from the mailing 
list archives that I have been going through that you are prepared to 
discuss any of the free un*x options. I only ask this because I am 
aware of some LUGs that put the emphasis squarely on the Linux front 
and don't wish to be distracted with the vagaries of *BSD.

Also some are quite adamant that Emacs is the way forward and vi should 
be relegated to the bog of eternal stench. Without wishing to start a 
flame war, I run many different boxen, Windows when I need it, OpenBSD 
(sparc64) for my externally visible server, RedHat on a thin client, 
currently Debian on a testing server and I'm writing this mail on my 
Mac. And I prefer vi for its small memory footprint.

Hopefully, as seems from the mail archive, this will not be a problem 
and I personally have no intention of preaching that my way is the 
best. It's probably not but all the decisions have been made for 
reasons that seemed right at the time (most of them still do).

If I don't see any messages to the contrary before I leave work 
tomorrow evening, I'll just turn up at the Sir John at 7:15pm ish. I 
look forward to seeing people there.


(Michael to some but Penfold to my friends.)

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