[Nottingham] [Social] Tomorrow 02 Mar 2005, NLUG Social Meet

Duncan John Fyfe djf at star.le.ac.uk
Tue Mar 1 20:32:16 GMT 2005

On Tue, 2005-03-01 at 19:39 +0000, Michael Quaintance wrote:
> Hi
> I've been lurking on this mailing list for a little while (actually 
> under a different email address) and I was wondering what the policy 
> was on new members.

We have a policy ?

> Does anyone mind if I just turn up at tomorrow's social?

Don't mind at all.  Always happy to meet new people. 

> Also how inclusive is the group generally? It seems from the mailing 
> list archives that I have been going through that you are prepared to 
> discuss any of the free un*x options. I only ask this because I am 
> aware of some LUGs that put the emphasis squarely on the Linux front 
> and don't wish to be distracted with the vagaries of *BSD.

I'm sure there are raving loons out there but there have never been
problems discussing/winging about Solaris in the past so I'm sure we can
squeeze a little BSD in although I have to admit I have never used it on
any of my machines.

> Also some are quite adamant that Emacs is the way forward and vi should 

Emacs is the way forward if you want to get nowhere fast :)  Again, few
raving loons but many people with a preference.  Besides there is new
hot air to be made over Gnome vs KDE rather than rebreathing 20 years
worth of fumes from emacs vs vi.

> If I don't see any messages to the contrary before I leave work 
> tomorrow evening, I'll just turn up at the Sir John at 7:15pm ish. I 
> look forward to seeing people there.

I look forward to meeting you then.  

Have fun,

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