[Nottingham] Re: KDE Startup problem

David Aldred david at familyaldred.org.uk
Sat Mar 12 05:17:35 GMT 2005

On Friday 11 Mar 2005 20:23, Charles Samuels wrote:

> Hi,
> On Friday 11 March 2005 8:06, David Aldred wrote:
> > - Everything runs extremely slowly (switching to a console and doing top
> > reveals a kedinit process taking 99%+ or processor time: killing that
> > gets things going faster).
> Find out the actual name of that kdeinit with: ps aux | grep $pid (where
> $pid is the pid of the rogue kdeinit).  I think you'll find it is a
> knotify.

(Charles at kde.org?  Wow:- )

I'll do that.....

> My guess is that you can fix the problem by deleting
> ~/.kde/share/apps/kwin/eventsrc (but sending me a copy of it first :)

OK: I'll move it to somewhere & mail it to you afterwards.  Her machine's not 
going to be very happy on my net connection (since it's all set up for her 
university), so assuming this works I'll set up the mail to come to you when 
she starts up on-line. 

> I'll be giving a presentation in May in which I will reveal the purpose of
> kdeinit :)

It will be useful!  That's the 18 May LUG meeting, is it?

I have two problems in wich kdeinit features - the occasional rogue process 
which (like the one described above) eats 99 of cycles and gets nowhere, and 
a failure to start the sound system when KDE starts, which is always curable 
by doing kdeinit knotifyrc in a console.  Understanding it better might lead 
me to curing this!

David Aldred

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