[Nottingham] Response on awareness day

Matt nottlug at spandex.nildram.co.uk
Thu Nov 3 17:45:16 GMT 2005

M> Now, your own point is?

I hope I'm not fanning the flames.

The point I've tried to make a couple of times is that alienating a
load of existing Linux users isn't the brightest way to kick off a
Linux Awareness Day.

I'm not sure an "apology" is appropriate either... but a less
combative tone with those who were offended might be a smart move. As
all good businessmen know (and Michael Simms runs two businesses, I
hear ;) it's a lot harder to convert a new customer than to retain
existing ones. If you're serious about Linux advocacy, then keeping
the LUG cohesive is a real start. I've been recommending Linux over
Windows to anyone who'll listen for many years now (for practical
reasons rather than any ideological commitment)... but today's events
have made me much less likely to point people towards Notts LUG.

Mind you.. it looks like the buzz around the Awareness Day has picked
up a bit... but I hope you'd consider what I said above.. and not
judge the angry rants as a success in that light :) Hope all goes


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